Beseder Gallery

Date: 15. 12. 2022 - 21. 1. 2023

Žanda Gebauer: Wander Light!
Art exhibition of lighting and other objects (15. 12. 2022 – 21. 1. 2023)

• Vernissage – 15. 12. 2022 at 19:00
•  Artist talk – 12.1. 2023 at 19:00
•  Dernissage – 21. 1. 2023 at 19:00

Žanda Gebauers' art exhibition was originally planned for August 2021, when we were preparing an exhibition in our gallery for his father's 80th birthday "Kurt Gebauer as you (probably) don't know him", which featured the artist's previously unpublished paintings created in the 1950s and 1970s and the latest canvas paintings. At the same time, Žanda celebrated his 50th birthday in December 2020, and we thought of making a double exhibition of double jubilee celebration of a father with his first-born son. However, Žanda Gebauer's work is so unique and distinctive, moreover, it is very different both in form and field, that we decided to organize a separate exhibition for him.

Žanda likes to remain rather incognito and prefers, if his work is less talked about and the viewer absorbs the artist's light works directly, live. So we will only reveal that you have never seen a similar art exhibition in our gallery. It will not be about sculptures or paintings, but about lighting and other objects of various shapes and materials. It will light up our gallery during the winter solstice and the darkest period of the year.

About the autor
Žanda Gebauer was born in 1970 in Prague. In the 1980s, he studied stonework and sculpture in Hořice. Finally, in the 1990s, he devoted himself to the study of historic preservation.
You can find his creations in many places not only in the Czech Republic, but also, for example, in Chamonix, France. Lighting objects and interior design elements can be found in places like the Prague club Futurum, the Minor theater, the restaurant "U Jagušky" at Palmovka or the Alfa Plzeň theater. Perhaps the best-known interior design with light objects can be found in the Lehká Hlava restaurant in Prague 1, Boršov, which has been transformed over the years.


CV in dates:

Born on December 7, 1970 in Prague
1985 – 1988 SOU for artistic stone processing in Hořice
1988 -1990 Stone and sculpture secondary school in Hořice
1995 -1997 study of monument care and preservation at SÚPP

Symposia and exhibitions:
1982 marl quarry Přední Kopanina near Prague
1983 marl quarry Přední Kopanina near Prague
1996 sculpture symposium Džbán - Hředle u Rakovníka
2000 photos - Dům u Kaštanu, Prague
2005 sculptures and objects - Art Safari 10, Bubec Sculpture Studio, Prague – Řeporyje
2011 Street for Art, mobile platforms, collaboration with Mjölk architects - willow building workshop
2016 set of light objects - Brána jazyků school, Uhelný trh, Prague
2022 light objects - Art Safari 37, Bubec Sculpture Studio, Prague – Řeporyje

Realizations and designs (selection):
1999 Klub Futurum Praha – lighting objects, interior design elements, cooperation with Divan Design
2001 Café Cafeterapie Praha – interior design
2002 Minor Theater Prague – lighting and design objects, collaboration with Viktor Koreis
2003 realization of the entrance gate to the primary school in Řeporyje, cooperation with Čestmír Suška
2004 two pairs of layered sandstone pillars at the primary school in Řeporyje
2006 Lucerna Bar Prague – lighting objects, collaboration with Viktor Koreis
2006 restaurant Lehká Hlava Prague – interior design, lighting objects
2008 Prague Architects Club – design elements and lighting fixtures
2010 Alfa Theater Plzeň – lighting objects
2011 winning study on Řeporyjské náměstí with architect Robert Bretschneider
2012 Chalet in Les Houches, Chamonix France - lighting objects, interior design
2014 Minor Theater Prague – lighting objects of the Small Stage
2015 Restaurace u Jagušky Prague – lighting objects and a lighted counter with a tap
2016 Brána jazyků School, Uhelný trh, Prague - realization of new prototypes of lighting fixtures for corridors
2017 design and implementation of a relaxation classroom in Brána jazyků elementary school in Uhelný trh
2020 Fortna Prague,Hradčany - light objects for therapy rooms
2021 restaurant Lehká Hlava, Prague – new lighting objects for living plants