Beseder Gallery

Date: 28.5. - 27.6.

We invite you to the Trash Schick exhibitionBeseder Gallery opens up to young talents.

After the exhibition Trash, full of expression and dynamism, we come with an artistic production of the opposite pole of the artistic style. Leoš Suchan will present a realistic very precise style of painting of his freshest production.

Let yourself be carried away in the illusionistic dimension of hyperrealistic paintings.

Clean strokes and a classical approach are underlined by a very distinctive choice of subjects. Attributes and symbols of the consumer society are represented in the paintings, expressed in everyday objects, which give a seemingly ordinary impression.

Studying hyperrealist paintings is like reading between the lines. Even though you have a perfectly rendered reality in front of you, it is made up of elements subjectively chosen by the artist. Why does Suchan choose these objects, what thoughts and feelings does this technique hide and is it even possible to decipher it?

Leoš is not afraid of experimentation, in his works he now revives his hyperrealistic paintings with abstract gestural strokes that are full of emotion. It is as if the paintings are shouting something with these dynamic moments of colour! Let them have an effect on you... Imagine a still life whose main motif is an imported fast food chain meal delivered right to your door. Suchan manages to deal with it without exaggeration - the fries look archaic, they are painted in a style as if their image breathes on us from the past, sculpted with the technique of the old masters - a play of light and shadows, they impress us as if even Rudolf II could have enjoyed them. This highly detailed and precise play full of ironic pop culture icons is something you have to discover.

Come to see it, come to experience it, because it's obviously impossible to describe...

We look forward to seeing you on May 28 at the opening at Beseder Gallery.

Admission is free.