Beseder Gallery

Date: 20.08. - 05.10.2020

We cordially invite you to the exhibition Brittany - My Love, which will take place in our gallery 20.08. - 05.10.2020.
The opening will take place on Thursday 20.08.2020 at 7pm.
with piano concert by Elmira Lyapina, Alexandre Kabancov a Alexandre Gerber.

Due to big interest in the exhibition, we decided to prolong it until 5.10.2020.
The planned Dernissage of the exhibition, which will take place on Wednesday 09.09.20 at 7pm,
will be therefore Vernissage at the same time. 
We will close the current exhibition and present new artworks including unseen drawings and graphics of the artist. 

Rinat Animaev, originally from Tajikistan, is one of the most important personalities of contemporary French art scene.
At his exhibition, he will present paintings from Brittany, where he has lived for 16 years in Dinam. There is also his art gallery with a permanent exhibition of his own artworks. The landscape of Brittany is a muse and an inexhaustible inspiration for the artist, like a beautiful loving woman.
Do not seek complex expressions of philosophical ideas and existential concepts in Animaev's paintings, his message is in the overcombined present with its simple straightforwardness even refreshing. The artist depicts the beauty of life that we can find all around us, precisely in the seemingly most ordinary things and everyday life. We just have to perceive and pay attention to them. The artist expresses himself with masterful painting skills and represents a classical style - simple realism - rather unusual nowadays.

All artworks are for sale.
If you are interested, contact the our gallery.
e-mail: tel.: +420 773 062 817