Beseder Gallery

Date: 09.09.20 - 19:00

Due to big interest in the exhibition Brittany - My Love of French painter with Tartar roots, Rinat Animaev, who is mainly inspired by the picturesque Brittany landscape in his paintings, we decided to prolong it until 05.10.2020.
The Derrnissage on the 9th will be therefore Vernissage at the same time
We will close the current exhibition and present new artworks including unseen drawings and graphics of the artist. 

Part of the event will be also a rich cultural programme. On piano will perform Alexndre Kabancov and wife of the artist herself, Lilia Gerber-Animaeva, on violin Ludmila Pavlová and there will also sing two sopranists Vitalia Vas and Anna Semivolos

We look forward to meeting you! 
09.09.20 - 7pm