Beseder Gallery

Date: 16.11.2023

STILL HERE presents a wide selection of Pari’s artistic creations. There are collages, pastels,
gouaches, all divided in thematic sections but all revolving around the same subject: the BODY.

When everything around you changes, drastically or quietly, painstakingly or gently, there is but one
constant thing that will always be yours, that will always be YOU, until it won’t be anymore.
When the mind is forced, is played by people and circumstances. When people are forced to leave
their country, or voluntarily decide to do so, and are wandering in search of a new home. When we
face traumas, inside our mind or on our bodies. Our bodies will still be there, house to our souls,
home to our experiences.
Our body is the most powerful weapon we have, the ultimate mean of existence and affirmation. It
can be hit, it will withstand it. It can be broken. It can be caressed; it moves and talks and shouts and
dances and hides and shows.
And it will always be there, until it won’t be here anymore.

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