Beseder Gallery

Date: 15.7.2021 - 18:30

Artist talk of the Otto Placht's art exhibition "Peru...stories from the third shore".

The unique creation of Placht is significantly influenced by his stay in the Peruvian Amazon and Ayahuasca.
Peru is still his second home.
At the exhibition, he presents his latest work, which he freshly brought from Peru.

Until the end of June 2021, he painted all his exhibited artworks on the shores of Lake Yarinacocha in his Amazon studio.
These works are completely unique, as Placht uses almost exclusively natural materials; painting with the bark of trees such as almond and caoba or eucalyptus leaves. As colours he uses fine mud, essence from Amazonian plants and trees.

The exhibition is inspired mainly by the jungle itself and the Amazon rainforest, but also by the story of Don Javier from Cesar Calvo's book "Tres Mitades de Ino Moxo". In the paintings you can find scenes from Amazon mythology and stories that go back in time to 60 million years, when the world was just ashes and Pachakamaite, the god of Ashaninka, created the first woman, the beautiful Kametza. From her rib came the man Narrowe, with whom she immediately made love, and both in connection with the bliss of orgasm created the light… thus the light of the world, the sun of the jungle world, from the beginning of the forest universe came into being…
In this world that Placht captures on canvas, there may be rivers without waters, but not without banks. Time is a river that has two banks… the third bank is out of time and space. Shamans enter this place during the ceremony. There they remember past events that they do not remember otherwise and thus predict the future that results from them.… They compose time from pieces floating in the void as needed and pleasing. They open the consciousness of the return of the spirit to the eternal moment. They tell incredible stories about secret knowledge, the command of which is silence…