Beseder Gallery

Date: 16.05.-29.05.2019

On 16th of May 2019 an exhibition of the Prague painter Mirka Mádrová, who lives and works in Prague 9, will be opened in the Galerie Hala C.

Human depictions and narratives of everyday life, their simplicity, their candor, their humor, all without neglecting feelings of tragedy, are found in each of Mirka Mádrová's paintings. The simple oil paintings offer an intimate glimpse into the lives of the simple people around us, without pretense, in a warm and empathetic portrayal.

At a time when a wide range of art presents perspectives of cultural criticism, Mádrová simply prefers to present situations from the lives of the people around her. This is not a critical description, but a study of ordinary human situations - ordinary people their beauty and their weirdness.

Beyond simplicity, surrealistic elements can also be found in some of the paintings. The dogs look like human beings, they wear clothes, wear glasses, sit on chairs, etc. The manner of describing animals and their proximity to human beings, bridges the differences and creates a blending and identification.

Humans, too - almost each and every one of them, men and women alike, are depicted in the same artistic style. The dozens of figures in the various paintings are actually one figure, its physical proportions distorted, compressed into the painting, with a foolish smile and wide-open bold eyes. All the characters laugh at themselves and at the viewers and thus create a great deal of identification, compassion and understanding of life's hardships and the deep love.

Mádrová succeeds in touching on a wide range of sensations, offering opportunity for a new reflection, with lightness and humor about the life and the human condition.

The gallery's intention is to enable local artists to present themselves in front of their neighbors. This intention is also supported by Deputy Mayor for Culture of the City District of Prague 9, Mr. Adam Vážanský.