Beseder Gallery

Date: 13.-19.3.2024

As part of the 3rd annual Days of Israel mini-festival at Beseder Gallery, we present the exhibition "Less than Home" by the Israeli artist duo Karina Hananeia and Max Epstein.

The title of the exhibition "Less Than Home" is a play on words that led to the exact transmission of what one feels when one (temporarily?) loses one's place... in life... in one's soul... in society... This name was derived from the English word HOMELESS - home less - less than home.

Wednesday 13 March 19:00 - Opening of the exhibition "Less than Home"

This year the event is held under the auspices of the Embassy of the State of Israel.

Karina Hananeia
is a visual artist, choreographer, dancer, producer and animation teacher in Jerusalem, she completed her MFA at Sapphire Academy. And later earned her Bachelor's degree and teaching certificate from the prestigious Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Max Epstein
is a multi-disciplinary artist: photography, sculpture, animation, installation and creator of the Wild Kids animation studio, the main teacher there, graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts.

Free admission.