Beseder Gallery

Date: 2.11.2021 - 19:00

Dernissage of the art exhibiton KURT GEBAUER as you (probably) don't know him:
PERFORMANCE "BY THE WATER" by Jana Tobolová and Lucie Mertová
Afterparty with a NIKKI TRIIIO concert in the Beseder restaurant
11/2/2021 from 7:00 p.m.

Lucie Mertová and Jana Tobolová will present a very special performance called "BY THE WATER".
It will be a movement fantasy inspired by Kurt Gebauer's paintings.
Another invited performer is Gábina Kremlová.

Lucie Mertová is a dancer, choreographer and director. She graduated from the Prague Dance Conservatory, the Faculty of Music and Dance of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and other dance and theater courses in Germany and France.
As a dancer and performer, she has performed in independent dance and theater projects as well as in productions of the National Theater in Prague.
She also devoted herself to Indian dance and circus art. As a director and choreographer, she is based on productions at the TraumTheater circus theater in Germany.
Her choreography for the famous Duo Štauberti in 2018 won the prestigious International Art Competition in Monte Carlo.
She has also collaborated on programs for public and commercial television companies.
She was the secretary of the Dance Association of the Czech Republic and worked as a teacher at the Dance Conservatory in Prague and at the Department of Singing and Opera Directing at the Faculty of Music and Dance of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. In. In 1994 she became a co-founder of the free association of dancers and choreographers "TABLEŠ. - art-movement theater ".
In the years 1999-2002 she was the head of the ballet of the State Opera in Prague. However, she mostly devoted herself to theatrical work.
Since 1989, as a choreographer, she has participated in more than forty opera and drama productions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. As an assistant director and choreographer, she collaborated with the Mozart Opera (Prague Chamber Opera). Together with Jiří Nekvasil, Daniel Dvořák and Simona Rybáková, they staged Mozart's most famous operas for the summer season at the Estates Theater.

Jana Tobolová is a dancer, choreographer and director as well as Lucie Mertová.
She graduated from the Prague Dance Conservatory, majoring in choreography at the Faculty of Music and Dance of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and also studied at the Department of Creative Writing and Pedagogy at the Faculty of Theater there.
From 1987 to 1989 she was a member of the ballet of the Oldřich Stibor Theater in Olomouc. One of her most important roles was Magdalena in the now legendary productions of the House of Bernarda Alba by choreographer Robert Balogh. As a dancer and performer in independent dance and theater performances, for example, she was a founding member and performer of UpsideDawn and Tableš.
We also create choreography for both of these ensembles (for example, Memories on Earth for UpsideDawn, or Tired Feast, Falling Angels and Smiles of Fish for Tableš).
She has been working as a choreographer for a long time in the Blatinský Wooden Theater (for example, the choreography Titanic, Johanka z Arcu, Kytice, Eighteen Jerusalem, Extraordinary Children, The Snow Queen, Wolf Girls, The Ratman or Dante). An important part of her work is a dance-theater performance, which together with choreographer Josef Kocourek. In 2007, they co-founded the PALEJA Ballet Theater (Bernarda Alba House, Seal Woman, Thoughts and many others). He is also engaged in pedagogical work. In the years 19994-1998 she was a dance teacher at the Blatina House of Culture, and as a teacher and choreographer she also worked at the Ivo Váni Psota Dance Conservatory in Prague. He currently teaches at the Blatiny Elementary School of Art. As a choreographer, she participated in theatrical productions, but the focus of her work remains dance-theater performances and choreography.
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