Beseder Gallery

Date: 22.6.2022 - 19:00

Wednesday 20th June 2022 - 19:00

Artist talk of the art Exhibiton "Life of Elements" by Ivana Bachová.
The artist talk will be dedicated to the element of FIRE.

Part of the evening will be a concert by Dagmar Plamperová (guitar and vocals).

You can also look forward to poetry reading by Richard Otec.

Richard Otec is the product of the conflict between who we are and dreams when the head seeks a way to communicate emotions, one's own understanding of love, eternity and the meaning of life. This is reflected in his rhymes, pictures and texts which he writes mostly for his friends. He
has had several art exhibitions, an interview on the radio and, most importantly, has been living an interesting life, which he will let you look into. 


About the artist:

IVANA BACHOVÁ *14. 5. 1995 Havlíčkův Brod, lives and creates in Záhornice
Bachová examines the relationship between the natural environment and life as it is. Ordinary and fully experienced life. Water has become a significant source of interest and inspiration for her. Water with its ability to influence the character of the landscape and also as an essential element associated with life. With movement. Because where there is movement, there is also life. Her paintings of this element - often in blue and brown tones - further emphasize the connection between water-flow and land-landscape.
In addition to precise realistic image processing, the author could also be characterized by the great interest in nature and the processes that take place in it, its mysteries. As outwardly, such as the changing of the seasons or the effect of light and its reflections on the displayed whole or the effect of light in different places - in forests, on rivers and ponds, the specific chromaticity at the sea or in the mountains. She is also interested in the inner processes that manifest on water and other depicted phenomena. Creating fogs and hazes or, for example, flowing water around various obstacles in a specific environment. From such experiences the author gains valuable knowledge about the world and its laws.
In addition to the retentive theme of water and several paintings with a broader forest theme, new and never before exhibited paintings of another element - fire – are presented. Fire as opposed to water, as a symbol of new beginnings and initiation. As a symbol of inspiration, permeation and active will in contrast to the gentle and enduring power of water.
Overall, the exhibition is a showcase of her latest and older work as well.

Ivana Beranová, curator

Richard Otec