Beseder Gallery

Date: 5.-20.2.2024

We present the exhibition Portrait and landscape - abstractly and expressively by five German artists selected by prof. Dr. Johannes Kirschenmann.

Jonathan Drews, 
Anne Eßer, 
Monika Garykrug, 
Jakob Steiger,
Bernd Zeißler

5.2. / 18:00 hodin - Vernissage, For piano: Amélie Teršlová

6.2. / 18:00 hodin - Artistic discussion with prof. Acad. by sculptor Kurt Gebauer, dr.h.c. and the artists of the exhibition

16.2. / 18:00 hodin - A discussion on artificial intelligence and its impact in the visual arts with MgA. et MgA. Aleš Zapletal, Ph.D., artist and media theorist