Beseder Gallery

Date: 5.4 .- 15.5.

Denis Baštuga (*1994, Púchov) is currently studying at the Painting Studio 2 with Vladimír Skrepl at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. His work is inspired by psychological theories, gender fluidity and the diversity of body characteristics. His process work combines painting, performance and sculptural experimentation with attributes of surrealist aesthetics.

The curator of the exhibition is Aleš Zapletal.

I'm entering Denis Baštuga's show, air is heavy.The fumes from the bodies of the paintings remind me of that familiar taste. But I can't remember where it comes from. I can't remember. I don't know its origin.
The author offers a composition. But the text is cursed, the sight of it instantly gives me vertigo and hallucinations and painful fits of nausea. All I remember is... "may contain traces of peanuts and shellfish".
The animal I feed on laughs at me, reveals its composition, carries itself proudly and keeps feeding, it's a plantation... It's a slaughterhouse.
The label on the product itself is GMO. The sight of that packaging gives me painful hallucinations, gushes of shit.
The text mutates before my eyes, not just the words, but the letters themselves and the relationships between them, it seems. It's like the sight of Mickey Mouse's feet as he goes on the run in the cartoon. I laughed at the cliché of his legs spinning in a circle, seeming to slip, pawing idly for a moment before his body shoots off to escape. But it's different here, Mickey Mouse himself is spinning, every limb, even his torso. Each part has its own axis of rotation. It's against nature. If only it was Mickey Mouse. Suddenly I'm horrified to realise Mickey's uncanny resemblance to a werewolf. He's spinning in place, but apparently he's not running away, he's running after his prey.

Admission: free