Beseder Gallery

Date: 28.03.2023 - 17:00

Nami Mária Lada and Zuleyka - Visual voice circle and meditation with essential oils

Tuesday 28th March at 5pm 

You will learn how to work with the breath, with the help of essential oils and meditation you will tune in to yourself, relax your senses, silence the analytical mind, move, dance and vocally open up...

Kateřina "Zuleyka" Zeidlerová will first tell you something about her exhibited paintings and then, as a craniosacral therapy therapist, she will lead you through meditation with fine tuning using the sounds of movements and breath, under the guidance of elemental beings - ethereal oils that we will smell and perceive, thus relaxing the mind and body .

Nami Mária Lada, voice healer, then opens the space for the natural tuning of what is needed. Sometimes a deep cleansing opens, sometimes a gentle flow in joy. Your voice is extremely powerful, our whole body is a musical instrument. You will take away not only a unique experience, but also knowledge of other possibilities of your being, and practical and simple voice techniques that will help you withstand the challenges of everyday life.

You don't have to feel like a singer or have any artistic ambitions. Your song doesn't have to sound like the "rules" and still be powerful. Our ancestors used to have songs for every job, every event, happy or sad. Songs used to accompany us from birth to death.... However, we can resonate anytime and with anyone, even without words...

Price: CZK 333

The evening is an accompanying program of the collective exhibition for EndoMarch2023. More information about the exhibition can be found HERE