Beseder Gallery


The JINÝ(OTHERS)  project is series of exhibitions, concerts, theater performances and other related events.

OTHERS will present artists representing the culture of countries that were once part of the Soviet Union and the so-called socialist camp, artists who express themselves through high culture, be it visual arts, verbal, music or dance.

During the exhibitions in the Beseder restaurant, it will be possible to order dishes typical of the represented countries.

JINÝ(OTHERS) project program in 2023-24

6.9 - 28.9 2023. Exhibition of artist from Kyiv Fayina Yerenburh.
29.2 - 21.3 2024. An exhibition that will present the art of Georgia.
25.3 - 18.4 2024. Exhibition dedicated to the art of Belarus.
25.4 - 23.5 2024. Exhibition dedicated to the art of the Czech Republic.

The project OTHERS is a series of exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, and other related events.


they dare to be themselves. They are not afraid of the consequences of their self-expression. They are not afraid to admit that they have fears, but at the same time, they do not want to conform to market demands at the expense of their individualities.

The aim of the OTHERS project is to introduce artists that represent the culture of countries that were once part of the Soviet Union, as well as countries from the so-called socialist bloc. These artists express themselves through high culture, whether it may be through visual arts, verbal expression, visuals, music, or dance.

The idea for this project was born from a virtual meeting with Matvey Vaisberg, a Kyiv-based painter, graphic and book designer. “When the Soviet Union collapsed, we hoped that everything would quickly turn for the better and that everything would change. That a new generation would grow up in a free society, and censorship would disappear. But that didn’t happen” explains Matvey Vaisberg in the interview with Marina Kantor.

“There is a sociological test that consists of twenty questions that determine who you feel you are. Now, the Ukrainian part of my identity dominates over the Jewish one. But I can’t affirm that it will always be this way. Although the universal part of my identity will probably always prevail”  the artist thinks out loud.

The purpose of the OTHERS project is to support and help artists who have faced or continue to face censorship and other restrictions related to their artistic activities. Censorship, however, is not only political; it can also be economic when artists betray their true selves by trying to follow current trends at their own expense. ”There are not many artists in the world who can afford to be free” concludes M. Vaisberg.

The OTHERS project includes not only art exhibitions but also musical and theatrical performances, lectures, and masterclasses.

As part of the project, guests at the Beseder restaurant will also have the opportunity to order dishes typical of the countries represented in the current exhibition.

Due to the complex situation in the world, the program may change. So stay tuned for our announcement!