Beseder Gallery

Date: 8.10.2021 - 17:30

We cordially invite you to a meeting with Temok Cozcacuahutli, a dancer of sacred Aztec dance, a singer and artist from the Mexican Toltec family, who contributes to the preservation and development of the Toltec spiritual tradition. His artistic intertwining blends with the shamanic view of the world. His works bear the legacy of ancestors and the Toltec spiritual tradition. It tells of sacred elements, the relationship between man and nature, living beings and the cosmos. By singing ancient spiritual songs, he can take us to where the living forces of our hearts reside. Through dance, art and traditional music, it supports the rise of spiritual consciousness.

The paintings are painted with pure pigments bonded with the help of a copal resin. It is medicine that has helped us in the traditional culture of the Toltecs since ancient times to connect with the great spirit of life. They dig their prayers, intentions and dreams with a dig. During the painting, Temok performs prayer, inserts the intention of healing and singing into it, and hides light in each painting, which communicates with the essences of the spaces.

Friday 8th October 2021

Admission voluntary