Beseder Gallery

Date: 20.4.2024 od 20:00 hodin/ Vstupné: 250,- Kč

The Sunrise Trio is an up and coming Dutch modern jazz trio. The band navigates seamlessly between moments of intimacy, silence, and powerful energy. This creates a dynamic musical journey with plenty of room for ensemble playing and improvisation.

With a shared passion for broadening musical boundaries, the members of the Sunrise Trio combine their diverse backgrounds and experiences. They explore styles that go beyond jazz, with elements of metal, funk, soul and rock. Influenced by the famous piano trios of Bill Evans, Brad Mehldau, Ahmad Jamal and Esbjörn Svensson, as well as bands such as Rammstein and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Sunrise Trio creates a different sound. This fusion of various influences results in an innovative approach to contemporary jazz in which musical accessibility plays a major role.

‘Silent Film Meets Modern Jazz’ is the crossover project where modern jazz and old film meet. The idea arose after seeing the 1927 silent film Sunrise: A song of Two Humans by director FW Murnau. This film, which won no fewer than 3 Oscars, made a great impression on the musicians and gave them an idea: how would this film sound with contemporary jazz music? Nieuwenbroek and de Kok wrote the music together, collaborating closely throughout the composing process. The result: ‘Silent Film Meets Modern Jazz.’ In Sunrise: A song of Two Humans, a man is ordered by his mistress to kill his wife. During his attempts, however, he falls in love with her again. At this concert the band will play live with the film. A unique way to combine jazz with classical film.

Jonas Nieuwenbroek – Drums

Martijn Hak – Piano

Jurriaan de Kok – Doublebass

Entrance fee: 250,- Kč
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