Beseder Gallery

Date: 09.09.21 - 19:00

Lecture by historical anthropologist and writer, Dr. František Kalenda from the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University
Mgr. Barbora Hlaváčová
on topic
Santo Daime - Ayahuasca and spirituality in contemporary Brazil

Thursday 9.9. from 19:00
free entry

In addition to the well-known cult of Santo Daime, the lecture will deal with other, lesser-known groups that use ayahuasca either for religious rituals or for spiritual purposes.
Barbora Hlaváčová will share her authentic experiences from Brazil and Santo Daime ceremonies and will enrich the lecture with on her own singing of ritual songs.

After the lectures, you can look forward to a concert by a Brazilian musician Gabriel Guerreiro in the neighboring Beseder restaurant from 20:30, who will be accompanied with singing by Barbora Hlaváčová herself.

The lecture is an accompanying program of the art exhibition Kurt Gebauer as you (probably) don't know him
and freely follows the lecture of anthropologists Marek Halbich and Lucie Remešová, Ayahuasca and the shamanism of the Peruvian Amazon, which was the accompanying program of the exhibition Otto Placht: Peru ... stories from the third shore.