Beseder Gallery

Date: 21.9.21 - 19:00

Exposition and interpretation of visionary paintings "Heavenly and Earthly Jerusalem" by the Israeli painter Hana Alisa Omer with a focus on the symbolism of heavenly Jerusalem and the shrine from the personal point of view and interpretation of the artist.

Tuesday 21st September

voluntary admission

The painter will present a series of her paintings, which were created in the years 1994-2000 on the basis of creative collaboration with Dr. Ytzhaq Hayutman (1943-2021), architect and Kabbalist from Jerusalem.
The lecture with the presentation of paintings will focus on the archetypal and contemporary symbolism of the Temple as a link between heavenly and earthly empires, the structure of the Kabbalistic tree of life underlying the composition of paintings and the ideal of unity of the three monotheistic religions for which Jerusalem is the sacred spiritual cradle.
Hana Alisa Omer comes from Slovakia. She lived and worked for 45 years in Israel, where, in addition to her artistic creativity, worked as an illustrator and Yoga instructor. She currently lives in Prague, which is her inspiration for new creativity.