Beseder Gallery

Date: 23. 4. 2023 - 15:00

Drawing workshop open to all, big and small - entrance free.

"The leading line of my artwork is throughout 50 years of creativity the inspiration from inner and outer transformations in my life and the need to bridge the paradoxes of the infinite depths of Being.
My personal art began with the psychic struggles of young adulthood, which was conditioned by my family heritage of holocaust survivors. It has throughout the years transformed in style and subject, from expressive drawings and landscapes, visionary and historical paintings, meditative drawings, portraits, etc.
Drawing studies of the human body anatomy and energy structures, inspired by my yoga practice and teaching, helped me immensely to harmonize my psyche.
In 1994, through a creative collaboration with a futuristic thinker from Jerusalem, dr. Hayutman, I illustrated his visions of Heavenly and Earthly Jerusalem in a series of 4 detailed paintings. These, in addition to showing this ancient city from 4 main points of view, contain complex spiritual, mythical and historical metaphors.
After my home in Israel burned down in a forest fire, I began to live in Prague.
Since then I am responding to the call of this uniquely beautiful city, which is prompting me to further creativity.
With painting its bridges, towers and power places, I go on exploring the connection between the higher and lower, inner and outer, spiritual and physical realities.
In march 2020, due to the pandemic, a comprehensive exhibition of my artwork which deals with the Holocaust was cancelled in the Holocaust Museum of Slovakia, near my hometown.
So, in the Covid times, while making order in my accumulated drawings and sketches, I began to tear up some of them and glue the pieces onto collages. This, surprisingly for me, unfolded a new style in my creativity- a kind of playful eco-art."
Hana Alisa Omer