Beseder Gallery

Date: 4. 5. 2023 - 19:00

President Václav Havel by the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, 1997

An evening in two parts, with a discussion about Czech-ISRAEL relationships and a musical theatre show.

Discussion moderated by journalist Lenka Zlámalová.

Developer and former consultant to the Ministry of Finance of Israel Eugen Roden will situate the topic in its historical context by recalling some key aspects of the period going from World War II to the fall of the communist regime.
Michael Žantovský, director of the Václav Havel Library and former Czech Ambassador to Israel (2004-2009), will recall the development of Czech-Israeli relations after 1989, also based on his perspective of president Václav Havel's advisor and direct participant in the restoration of diplomatic relations with Israel.
Finally, the discussion will open up towards the current tense situation in Israel and its national and international geopolitical impact, including but not limited to the relationship between Czech Republic and Israel.

In case of interest, simultaneous interpretation can be set up between Czech and Israeli. We kindly ask those of you who might be interested to let us know in advance so that we can set it up on time.

To close the Israel Days festival, the second half of the evening will be dedicated to the premiere of pianist Marina Kantor's performance

"La Partita" refers not only to Bach's  famous Partita in C minor: the word also has the meaning "game" in Italian. This playful musical theatre performance develops the theme of memory - its loss, its rediscovery... - and related questions of how one identifies oneself, chooses one's own identity. Finally, the word can also mean "part", "particle": here in the sense of an identity composed of several different cultural and linguistic backgrounds of the author-performer, but also in the extended sense of perceiving the world in its different levels - conscious, subconscious, historical, social, poetic...
All this in a lightened tone of seemingly improvised, joyful playfulness, with humour not lacking in self-irony.

Text: Marina Kantor, Alexandr Minaev
Directed by: Alexandr Minaev
Sound: Elena Kudryavtseva
Performers: Marina Kantor, Ella Rodan

Admission free

As part of the festival Israel Days, organized on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Israel's independence, the Beseder Gallery will also offer an exhibition with works by photographer Helen Mountaniol and musician Kutiman, a jazz concert by the Petra Ernyei Trio, a signing of the comic book "So here we are, Moses!!!" by writer Pavlína Šulcová and artist Kakalík, a workshop for adults and children on baking the Jewish holiday bread challah and many others.
The festival is under the patronage of the Embassy of Israel in Czech Republic.