Beseder Gallery

Event date: 2023

Fort the year of 2022 is planned an art exhibitionvery unique art exhibition of lighting images by artist Dimitrij Mandzyuk, which will provide to viewers deep visual and interactive experience.
The opening will include a performance where the artist will draw a painting in front of the audience in real time.
The exhibition will also include a workshop with a multimedia program (not only) for children.
Date of the event TBA
Dimitrij Mandzyuk is a young artist who was born in western Ukraine in the town of Černovice. Soon after his birth, however, he and his family moved to Prague. Both of Dimitri's parents are academic painters who graduated from the Muchin School in St. Petersburg and inspired him to practice art from an early age. Dimitrij graduated from the Secondary School of Applied Arts, where he studied spatial design, which moved him to work with installations or technologies that he combines with art. He is currently studying at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM).

In his work, he tries to create an ornament that would define our present. He finds a great impulse for free creation in calligraphy, more than the legibility of writing, he focuses on the composition of the text, in which the individual letters cluster and form a cipher that can only be deciphered by the author himself. He gradually moved his work even further and began to combine organic line with geometry, thus disrupting regular patterns and giving rise to a new connection, which is based on contrasts, often causing tension. The regular ascetic geometric shapes that the artist perceives as the product of our civilization come into conflict with a subtle organism that constantly disrupts its construct.